November – A Time of Remembering

Thu 2 Nov All Souls Masses at 9.30am and  7pm

Wednesday is the first of November when we remember all the souls in heaven – All Saints.  Thursday, the second of November, and for the rest of November we pray for all who have died, that God will bring them through the purification of his love (purgatory) and into eternal life.

We have invited all the families who have experienced a funeral this last twelve months to the Masses on Sunday 5 Nov. The 10am and 12pm Mass will be a specific opportunity to remember all our loved ones.

November Lists are available at the back of the church. It is traditional for Catholics to write the names of their loved ones on such a list.  The lists are placed on the altar and during the month of November Holy Mass is offered everyday for all whose names are on the lists.  It is also traditional to include a donation to the priest for saying the Masses.


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